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Arras à la carte, ready-made or made-to-measure

WARNING : The Wellington tunnels are fully booked on 8th and 10th April 2017 !


Famous above all for its squares in the Flemish baroque style, which make a rich back-cloth to the Town Hall and the Belfry, Arras will surprise you with the wealth of its history, architecture and style of life. The city of Arras is very proud to be part of the happy few French cities which have two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the belfry and the citadel. The city’s landscape heritage also takes part in the beautifying of the architectural heritage. Just a stone’s throw away from the Louvre-Lens, Arras is the perfect base for visiting the museum. A region to be discovered year-round. A territory to be discovered through the four seasons.

You only have a few hours for your first visit to Arras and the Artois countryside? You wish to plan your own visit? We can offer several possibilities of visits, listed among those of “Arras à la carte”. You wish to stay a complete day with us? We can offer programmes, including a welcoming breakfast, visits morning and afternoon, and the organisation of lunch at midday. At your request, our group service can send different menus and reserve your meal with the corresponding restaurant. You are tempted by a longer stay? We can plan with you a programme that is adapted to your needs, including the hotel, and send you an estimate for all. Maryse, Fabienne and Virginie are available to organise your stay. Whatever your needs and expectations they can give a made-to-measure answer. Welcome to Arras!

Contacts - Information

Office de Tourisme d’Arras - Service groupes
Hôtel de Ville, Place des Héros, BP 40049
62001 Arras Cedex

Tél.: +33-(0)3 21 51 26 05
Fax: +33-(0)3 21 51 76 49